$150,000 grant program

We’re awarding 25 Jobber Grants across 3 categories.

5 minute application

Tell us a bit about your business and the great work you do. Easy peasy.

Applications now closed

Stay tuned for 25 recipients to be announced in August 2022.

For all that you do, this $150,000 is for you

You keep our homes and offices safe and running

You help hardworking people build meaningful careers

You strive for high standards in every area of your business

You support the community
where you live and work

A grant program for every stage of business

Entrepreneurs who are thinking of starting a business, new, and experienced business owners, you’re all invited to apply for Jobber Grants ranging from $2,500 to $15,000 based on which category your business qualifies for.

Almost Entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurs who have the drive to start and run a home service business.

New Business Owners

0-3 years

Entrepreneurs in the early stages of building their team, client list, and services.

Experienced Business Owners

3+ years

Entrepreneurs ready to scale their mature business to the next growth stage.

Meet the 2021 recipients

All our Jobber Grants recipients are unique, but the incredible impact they’re making on their local communities is one quality they all share.

Full 2021 Jobber Grants recipient list

*COVID-19 Support was a special category added for 2021 to support businesses who stepped up in their communities during the pandemic

Applications for Jobber Grants 2022 are now closed.

Stay tuned for more information. If you applied in 2022, please see the FAQs below for more info about phase 2.

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2022 Program Timeline

February 16 - May 26

Take 5 minutes to fill out an application. Tell us about your business and share a story about the great work you do.

June 6 - June 16

All eligible applicants will be invited to fill out a phase 2 application so we can better understand your business plans, entrepreneurship style, and community impact.

Mid July 2022

We’ll get in touch with finalists to learn more about them and their business.

August 2022

We’ll announce our 25 grant recipients and spotlight their stories to share with our community of entrepreneurs.

“We allocated funds towards growth. We are now a team of seven full time employees. We have started a new marketing department. We are launching a podcast. We are launching an internal series of training videos for all employees. We were able to acquire our first physical location for an office. We are incredibly thankful for our partnership with Jobber and all they have done to help us achieve our mission of making a positive impact.”

Branden Sewell, Seal Pro Painting, Experienced Entrepreneur Award Recipient

The funds were instrumental in the progression of my business, I was able to afford new equipment, supplies, and I saved up enough to take my crew out for a Christmas dinner! Being able to show my employees that I want to give back to them and support them in the ways they needed was relieving.”

Meaghan McVicker, Green Clean Machine, New Entrepreneur Award Recipient

“We were able to use the funds to transition our team into a more mobile and eco-friendly unit. We rebuilt our kits into backpacks, which in turn allowed us to have our team use the city transit system and bike-share program. We used the money we saved on vehicle expenses to go into staff wages. Now our staff makes a minimum of $20/hr and we are aiming to grow that to $23/hr by Q4 this year so we can become a Living Wage Company.”

Paddy Treacy, Northern Lines, COVID-19 Support Award Recipient

Frequently Asked Questions

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What do I get if I’m one of the 25 recipients?
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What’s next in phase 2?
How do I know that I made it to phase 2?
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I didn’t apply. Will there be future grant opportunities?
When and how will Jobber Grants recipients be contacted and announced?

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