Meet the 2022 recipients

All our Jobber Grants recipients are unique, but the incredible impact they’re making on their local communities is one quality they all share.

The Career Builders

The Community Caretakers

The Home Service Heroes

The Smooth Operators

*COVID-19 Support was a special category added for 2021 to support businesses who stepped up in their communities during the pandemic

$150,000 grant program

We’re recognizing 25 entrepreneurs demonstrating excellence in home service.

5 minute application

Applicants told us about their businesses and work they do for their customers, employees, and communities.

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For all that you do, this $150,000 is for you

You keep our homes and offices safe and running

You help hardworking people build meaningful careers

You strive for high standards in every area of your business

You support the community
where you live and work

“This Jobber Grant is such a big push forward for our business, and comes at a great time. We’re in the process of training several new hires, which will allow us to focus on more complicated jobs and big picture planning. It’s important that our people have a positive onboarding experience and that we create a strong sense of community among our employees. We want to instill the importance of giving back to the community with every new hire, and Jobber is helping us achieve this.”

Shaylyn and Timothy Bliss, Home Roots Lawn Care, Jobber Grants 2022 Recipients

“Jobber created an opportunity for us to ramp up our plans to provide meaningful employment to more people and upskill existing staff in sales, an investment that will also relieve some of the stress and pressures that come with juggling family life with rapidly scaling a business.”

Shane Fast, Renew Painting, Jobber Grants 2022 Recipient

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